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GIS Web services Description

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Please read the following before calling for assistance.  Typically if you require the parcels data and you find you don't have access to its table of contents or other expected functionality is missing, you have probably added a map service instead of a feature service (or geo-data service).  The description below will explain how to access the Crook County data in the most appropriate way for your business needs.

Geodata Portal

Crook County has a simple application for easy data download. This is our simplest form of data distribution and should work for most typical workflows.

Geodata Portal

Location of Web Services

We distribute all our spatial data through web services.  The rest page for our web services is located at the following URL:

Although you will see several folders here, only those who are credentialed appropriately will have access to the actual content.

Map Services:

At the root level under Services we provide access to the Map Services grouped by function.  These are ESRI map services (REST) and not true WMS.  By referencing these group map services you have access to all the layers they contain.  It is possible to access individual data layers by referring to their index number.

Feature Services:

Also, at the root level under Folders we provide access to individual Feature services in the “Featureservices” folder.  In this folder there are two entries for each mapping layer (a FeatureServer and a MapServer service) … You would just access the Feature Server service (a map services is also created as a by-product).

Map Service V Feature Service:

All the publicly available data we provide can be consumed as a Map Service (our default distribution format).  This has limited functionality and does not allow access to the tabular information in ArcMap except for individual feature queries and is really used to visualize the data.

Feature services give you access to the actual underlying geometries and tabular information.  This is the web services of choice if you wish to obtain localized copies of the data, access the tabular attribute information though queries and selections, and run geo-processing functions.  Further, tabular information associated with relationship classes can only be accessed from a Feature Service.

How to Access the data using ESRI desktop products:

Perhaps the easiest way is to add the Crook County GIS Site to your ArcCatalog tree.  This way you have access to all the data.  The steps are:

  • In Arc Catalog.  Under GIS Servers click on “Add ArcGIS Server”

  • In the resulting dialog box select the “Use GIS Services” radio button.

  • Click “Finish” and the resulting connection to the crook County server is added to your ArcCatalog Tree.  It is called “mapping on (user)” by default.

  • By expanding this tree you can easy drag and drop web services into your desktop application.  Remember, if you want access to the underlying data, rather than just an image of the data, you will need to add the Feature service rather than the map service.

Once the Feature service is added to an ArcGIS project, it will behave similar to a localized feature class.  If a map service is added, less functionality is exposed and you are only able to render and identify features.

We have found that dragging and dropping Feature services from Arc Catalog to be the most reliable way to add feature services to an Arcmap project.  If you use the "add data" button, relationship classes are not brought in.

The ESRI tool (WFS to Feature Class) is another useful way for downloading data. But be aware that it can be a bit unstable. If you input the URL wrong, the warnings can be confusing. Below is an example of how the URLs should look.

Be sure to use a geodatabase as your output location This will not export to a shapefile. And again, if you do this step wrong the warnings will be confusing.

A note about Parcels:

We have normalized the data structure of the tax lots / Parcels.  This means that we no longer provide artificial 1-to-1 relationships in a flat attribute file.  Instead, we provide the associated tabular data that can be related to the Parcels / tax lot polygons.  We provide these tables as relationship classes embedded in the REST service which can easily be viewed within ESRI's software.

Next Steps

In the coming months we will provide ESRI geo-data services in addition to the current web services.  This will allow off-site users to use replication tools to create a localized geodatabase referencing Crook County data that is always current.  The advantage is that once this is established you have a data store pointing at our data that behave as typical read only feature classes. Just use the synchronize changes tool to update and you will have the most current version of the data.

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